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Family Medicine Physicians are trained to handle 99% of the complaints that would walk through the door. We are trained in adult, geriatrics and pediatric medicine. Having been trained in the areas of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Urgent Care, we are best suited to provide the highest quality of care to your whole family under one roof.

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Our Mission

To provide the best care for our patients by our respected Health care providers on a broad range of medical needs. We will make sure our patients understand and participate in their healthcare decisions to reach a speedy recovery.

Doctors & Staff

Dorina Castelo, M.D.

Dorina Castelo, M.D.

(General Practice & Urgent Care)

Roy Shetty, M.D.

Roy Shetty, M.D.

(Internal Medicine)

Jeffrey Kovacich, N.D.

Jeffrey Kovacich, N.D.

Family Practice

Bertrand De Silva, M.D.

Bertrand De Silva, M.D.

Internal and Pulmonary, Sleep Specialist

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