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A work injury is an injury that occurs while you are “on the clock” during the performance of normal work-related activities. This also includes any auto injury as long as the injured party was in the process of performing work for their respective employer. Any injury that occurs at your place of work must be immediately reported to your employer or his designee, which may be a supervisor, manager, or workplace safety personnel.

Employers incident report: The report must include the nature, date and time of the injury, the cause of the injury and the name of the affected area or areas of the body. The agent taking the report of the injury should include his or her visual description and severity of the injury as well as the steps performed to assist the worker. The agent must also note if emergency services were required and, if so, the names of the hospital and the EMT response service. Workplace injuries vary from job to job. Some examples of common work injuries are, slip and fall, chemical burns, low back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries while operating machinery, auto accidents occurring while “on the clock”, and numerous other complaints. If you believe you have been injured on the job, first inform your place of employment and then immediately seek medical attention for your injuries.

Some injuries can be caused by long term exposure to certain hazardous workplace environments or repetitious activities. Some examples of the causes of these types of injuries are, long term exposure to dangerous/caustic chemicals, and continuous lifting/hauling of heavy items. Symptoms of illnesses caused by prolonged exposure to hazardous environments are unusual and persistent bronchial infections, soreness in various extremities or limbs, unexplained headaches or back aches, continuous degeneration of the spinal discs and many more symptoms. If you believe you have sustained an injury which may be caused by long-term exposure to your work environment, first, contact your place of employment and inform them of your issues, and then seek immediate medical attention.

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How the injured worker can access healthcare:

  1. The employer first makes a work injury or incident report.
  2. The employer sends the injured worker to a qualified work injury clinic or, if the circumstances require it, to an emergency medical facility transported by ambulance or other transportation.In The State of California, the treating facility must be a member of or a provider with the Medical Provider Network (MPN) of which the employers insurance approves. There are some exceptions if the employee is severely injured and requires immediate emergency medical attention. If this is the case, the employer should dial 911 and the injured party transported to the nearest emergency medical facility to receive treatment.The injured worker may choose any facility or doctor that they wish as long as the facility or the doctor is a member of the employers Medical Provider Network.

In most cases, the injured party will be sent or referred to a medical facility that specializes in work-related injuries. If the employer does not provide the injured party with the name of the insurance company or MPN, the injured party should still seek medical attention. The medical facility will request the information from the injured party’s employer upon receipt or admission of the patient to the facility.

The injured party shall incur no expenses as long as the injury has been deemed to be work related by the employers and/or their designee.

A work injury can occur at the work facility, work contracted property, at the job site or during the travel between locations of employment on work-related business.

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